Thursday, March 29, 2012

Celebs are Dying to Get in This Book.

Dead celebrities are just as f***ed up in the Afterlife as they are on Earth.

So says Dr. Abraham Tribesky, 95-year-old psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood stars.

His shocking e-book Michael Jackson Is Being Harassed In Heaven is now available on Kindle for $2.99.**

Michael…exposes the tabloid-worthy lifestyles and outrageous opinions of Dr. Tribesky’s famous patients from the Other Side. Not to mention how these egocentric spirits hassle living celebs and ordinary folks alike. In dozens of shocking stories like:

*Lady Gaga’s CDs Torched in Rock ‘n Roll Heaven.

*Karen Carpenter Blasts Brittany Murphy: “No Fatties Allowed on the Other Side!”

*Sinatra’s Frank Advice for Justin Bieber.

*Same Ghost Appears in 20 Episodes of Paranormal State!

*DJ Decapitates Fan with Flying Vinyl.

Friday, March 2, 2012

KeSha's Singing Can Scare You to Death, Say Israeli Scientists.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have determined that an unexpected sound, like a gunshot or the autotuned howl of U.S. pop star KeSha can cause some people to suffer a paralyzing or even deadly stroke.

The sudden shift in body position that is a typical response to a frightening event--such as listening to Tik Tok--can trigger a dramatic change in blood flow that may ignite a killer stroke in humans above the age of twelve.

As one researcher told me after the project's completion, "KeSha's music is a worldwide health risk. Hopefully, she will never be heard from again."

Abraham Tribesky
Psychiatrist to Deceased Hollwood Stars
Author: Michael Jackson is Being Harassed in Heaven ($2.99 exclusively on Kindle)