Friday, March 2, 2012

KeSha's Singing Can Scare You to Death, Say Israeli Scientists.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel have determined that an unexpected sound, like a gunshot or the autotuned howl of U.S. pop star KeSha can cause some people to suffer a paralyzing or even deadly stroke.

The sudden shift in body position that is a typical response to a frightening event--such as listening to Tik Tok--can trigger a dramatic change in blood flow that may ignite a killer stroke in humans above the age of twelve.

As one researcher told me after the project's completion, "KeSha's music is a worldwide health risk. Hopefully, she will never be heard from again."

Abraham Tribesky
Psychiatrist to Deceased Hollwood Stars
Author: Michael Jackson is Being Harassed in Heaven ($2.99 exclusively on Kindle)

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