Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wild Sex Wrecked Our Home

     "Ben" and I met at the local gym, where he powerlifts and I’m an aerobics instructor.  On our very first date, we came together like a pair of mating moose.  There was a lot of muscle at work when we met.
     Like most young couples who move in together, we decided to "initiate" our new apartment with a quickie.  In a moment of unthinking passion, we used the front door to get enthusiastic against.  Unfortunately, it had dry rot and caved a lot on impact. We paid for a replacement ourselves so that the landlord wouldn’t think Ben put his fist through it in a fit of ‘roid rage (which he doesn’t take).


     Dead celebrities are just as f****d up in the Afterlife as they are on Earth, according to Dr. Abraham Tribesky, psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood stars.
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     MICHAEL JACKSON IS BEING HARASSED IN HEAVEN, by Dr. Abraham Tribesky, psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood Stars ($2.99 Kindle or NOOK).
     Things took another turn for the worse after we filled the waterbed.  Somehow, in our unbridled lust, we succeeded in creating a slow, sneaky leak. The entire apartment stunk like mildew.
     As luck would have it, Ben and a couple of pals were able to replace the carpeting for about half what a pro would charge.
    While our next love romp could send us into a Chapter 7, Ben and I will never turn down the heat on our passion.  Even if we wind up homeless on the street, making love in a shopping cart.
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