Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Amy Winehouse To Adele" "No Fatties Allowed in Heaven!"

According to a deceased A&R man I met during an otherwise routine seance, Amy Winehouse is feuding with Adele. He said, "Amy hates Adele, but not because she's jealous of the rotund singer's magnificent voice. Amy has maintained her slim--some might say stick--figure since passing over to the Other Side. Amy is fearful that if Adele waddles into the Afterlife that she'll encourage her to start overeating again--and regain the baby fat she lost on her crack and cocaine diet.


     Dead celebrities are just as f****d up in the Afterlife as they are on Earth, according to Dr. Abraham Tribesky, psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood stars.
     In his shocking new ebook, Michael Jackson is Being Harassed in Heaven (99 cents on Kindle), Dr. Tribesky reveals the tabloid-worthy lifestyles and outrageous opinions of his famous neurotics from the Other Side. Like:
     *Lady Gaga Banned from Rock 'n Roll Heaven
     *DJ Decapitates Fan with Flying Vinyl (Is Biggie's Ghost to Blame?)
     *Sinatra's Frank Advice for Justin Bieber.
     *Same Ghost Appears in 20 Episodes of Paranormal State!

     MICHAEL JACKSON IS BEING HARASSED IN HEAVEN, by Dr. Abraham Tribesky, psychiatrist to deceased Hollywood Stars (99 cents on Kindle).

"Because of that terror, Amy Winehouse wishes Adele a long career and even longer life."

reported by:

Abraham Tribesky
Psychiatrist to Deceased Hollywood Stars

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